The Most Perilous Places to Live in America

No matter where a person lives, crime is a part of life. Police and security forces work very hard work to prevent their evil tasks. Even with all the diligence of our law enforcement criminals look for a variety of methods to perform their conniving crimes. When looking at what makes a state be placed on the list of the top ten worst states to live in America, the murder rate, violent crime rate, and population are the key points that are considered. The state that is at the bottom of the list is Arkansas.

Arkansas is part of this list due to the fact that there is a lot of violence there. There were 445 crimes that were reported in 2013 which is over the national rate of 368 per 100,000 Americans. In 2013, there were also 159 murders. With a population of 2,978, 204 in 2015, it is not surprising that it has a high crime rate. Along with the high population and a growing poverty rate (16 percent, it is no wonder that the crime rate is increasing in this state. Florida is the next in line for states that are not safe to stay in.

Even though it is full of sunshine and is the eighth most densely populated state in America, Florida still has a crime rate that is far from sunny. It is 460 per 100,000 as of 2015. Between the years 2011 to 2012, the rate of rape cases dropped. The increase in other crimes (especially murder) has gone up because of the poverty level increasing and people not attending higher education so they can get college degrees and careers. Not only is Maryland for crabs, but the crime rates also change on a daily basis.

Maryland is the only state in America where the crime rate changes on an everyday basis. It is a state where people do rather well financially and get a good education. With a population of over five million, the rape cases of adult girls and the murder rate are going up. Delaware is the next state on the list of states where it would be a bad decision to live.

With a population of a little over 90,000 residents, Delaware’s poverty rate has gone down and their education level is low as well. Their violent crime level has gone down 12 percent since 2012. However, thirty-nine murders took place there in 2015. South Carolina is next on the list of states to avoid.

The results of a survey from 2013 were that there were 500 violent crimes per 100,000 were reported in South Carolina. That makes South Carolina the sixth highest violent crime-rated land in the United States. One good sign is that the rape and robbery crime level dropped twelve percent. The reason for the higher crime level is the bad economy there. On average, people make 44,000 thousand dollars a year and the poverty rate is over eighteen percent. Despite being known for Mardi Gras and the French Quarter, Louisiana is a good place to party and have fun, but you would not want to stay there permanently.

Despite it being a state where tourists love to travel, a lot of people that live there are not well off financially due to their lack of education. With the high crime level, Louisiana is fifth on the list of the most dangerous states in America in 2015. Seventeen percent of the people that live there receive food stamps and the poverty rate is over nineteen percent. Per 100,000 residents, there were 510 violent crimes as well as 498 murders of people that live there. Tennessee is next in line for terrible states that people want to pass on living in.

Even though Tennessee’s crime rate has dropped about eight percent, it still has a high crime rate (seventy-five percent of all violent crimes). Its crime rate is the second-highest in all of America. The reason for this is the increasing poverty rate and a lower educational level that encourages young people to commit crimes. With 328 killings, this state ranks 18th throughout the United States. Nevada is next in line for a state that you never want to live in.

The reason that Nevada is the third in the top ten list of dangerous states to live in is because of the increase in murder, rape, and brutal manslaughter. Other problems that they have are 163 murders and the twenty-fourth highest poverty rate in America (15.8 percent). The high school graduation over a little over eighty-five percent has gone down since 2012. Security forces have been trying very hard to prevent weapons from being sold on the black which is the reason the crime rate is really high there. Next in line for bad states to go to is New Mexico.

New Mexico is the 36th most populated state in America as well as the fifth most state with a population of over two million. Their violent crime rate went down from 2012 to 2013 to about 597 per 100,000 residents. Even though they had their toughest security forces and measures at work, they could not successfully prevent crimes like murder, firearms smuggling, drug smuggling, and kidnapping. With a population of over two million and an unemployment rate going up, it is surprising that the poverty level is decreasing. Even though Alaska is an absolutely beautiful state, it made it to the top of the list of places to not live in America.

Despite the fact that over ninety-one percent of their residents have a high school diploma, Alaska is still thought of as the most dangerous state to live in America. The crime levels that have increased are non-negligent manslaughter and rape. The general crime rate goes up on a daily basis and there are 600 crimes per 100,000 people. This state is the least densely populated of all of the fifty states as well as the third least populous. Even though the state is well-off financially, the high crime rates do not fit well with the reputation of this state.

With all of this information about the ten most terrible states to reside in America, I hope that they will help you decide on your next destination if you decide to relocate to another state in this great United States of America.