Here they are listed, though not necessarily in order from least to greatest:

It is very important to notice something, and this I quote directly from a more than reputable online source, as it states that:

“While there are countless free blogging sites out there, not all of them provide the necessities to help you effectively grow your blog. Some simply don’t offer critical features that would allow you to drive traffic to your blog and generate revenue/income.”
(, pg. 1)

Now we’ll begin to discuss each of these in a bit more detail, as is fitting and proper. We’ll get into a bit of details as to how these services can be useful to you in the coming year, and what each one offers individually. We will begin with BLOG.COM.


BLOG.COM offers a free custom domain with many available features both on and off the main site. Users can easily feel at home, and are more than comfortable browsing, selecting, and editing content. Users can make blogs quick and short or meaty and lengthy, adding photos as well. It is not bad as a whole. Next is BLOGGER.COM. Here we go….


I once again quote another online source which says:

“Create a beautiful blog that fits your style. Choose from a selection of easy-to-use templates – all with flexible layouts and hundreds of background images – or design something new. Give your blog the perfect home. Get a free domain or buy…”
(, pg. 1)


Then we have the one-of-a-kind and wonderfully named MEDIUM.COM. There is truly no other quite like this one. For example, with MEDIUM.COM, we get a cost-friendly custom domain with available side tabs, bars, and links for additional outside references. This is a well-used site as well.


This lovely site costs about $8 to $24 a month and is more than easy to use and flexible to work with as a whole, making it indeed one of the best out there. A custom domain with hosting included, this site also offers over a hundred plugins and more than ten themes and designs. Check it out.


WIX.COM can be used by bloggers at no cost, with certain select premium plans at a maximum cost of $18 a month, making it not a bad deal at all. This is especially true for those bloggers with a mission. I refer to the more focused and ‘committed to success’ ones out there! This is for you.


I absolutely love WEEBLY, for one! I have had no real issues or complaints using it, in general. This is as it states, one of the best to work with. It is both simple to maneuver and use as a whole. Like WIX, it can be used for free, with certain additional premium plans for payment. A custom domain is only offered with a premium plan, however. This is merely something to keep in mind. In addition, hosting is included, though plugins are very limited.


GHOST.ORG is a typical blogging site for those GHOST BLOGGERS out there. It is similar to GHOST BLOGGER’s main site, and offers a few freebies here and there. No cost and premium plans are offered. I am not much of a GHOST BLOGGER myself, but, from time to time, I find some of this particular type of blog content to be both uniquely relevant, interesting, and helpful in pursuit of what I am after as both a researcher and writer. Thus, at times, it can be quite helpful in offering a unique plethora of information. It is not for everyone.


Many consider PENZU.COM to be one of the best—and the most probable to be used in 2017—for a number of valid reasons. For one, PENZU offers a number of themes and designs to choose from, as well as specific sets of ratings to be added with settings. One can have a certain number of followers as well.


SVBTLE almost sounds like the word SUBTLE. This is not by mistake. It is one of the more subtle and less known ones out there, but it is no less popular and used. It is used by people of a bit more privacy, subtlety, and serious mind. It is still a good one to use and ranks at the top.


WEBS.COM, last but certainly not least on the list, includes the options for free hosting and a public domain. In addition to this, WEBS.COM offers what they claim to be better websites, and all done more simply. This they state, and this seems to be the reception by many fellow users. They agree with this statement as well, giving WEBS.COM a greater sense of reliability and trustworthiness.

In summary, you do have options to choose from here, friend. They are certainly many, and they offer a wide variety of different benefits and features. In the end, the ultimate choice of which site to use rests upon your shoulders.